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Being sustainable has always been important to Color Obstacle Rush, since day one back in 2014.


Taking care of the environment is naturally important to everyone. We were one of the first to switch the colour of powder bags from plastic to paper. The powder is corn starch, so there is no harm to the environment. All water cups provided at the event are also made from paper and we’ve been working for years, together with our suppliers, to cut down packing materials and save space in various stages of product transportation.

Our event does include merchandise such as sunglasses, bandanas and other similar gear. We aim to design and manufacture our merchandise in a way that they can be used outside the event as well, not just for one-time use. We also listen to your feedback with our merchandise and have for example left finisher medals out based on customer feedback. Since then we’ve provided electronic Finisher Certificates as an alternative way to commemorate the day.

During the event, we use petrol blowers for inflatables which is the only possible way to inflate the obstacles in a 5k long course. Using electric blowers (which we’ve tried as well) would require us to ship large generators to every event which makes it less appealing. We also aim to recycle all possible waste at the event, most of it being cardboard and paper.

As a touring event organizer, much of our environmental footprint comes from transportation, both material and people. As an example, we ourselves used to arrange the same events with two full-size lorries and two people carriers whereas today we tour with one full-size lorry and one people carrier, whilst still having more obstacles and activities for you our customers. This alone has cut our carbon footprint significantly. Some Europe-wide touring bands for example transport some 50+ trucks of equipment from one show to another and whilst that is of course not the same as our event, we feel this is something where we go above and beyond and have really succeeded.

Another benefit of our tour-based business model is the fact that we have perfected all of the set-up and tear-down procedures related to our events. This means we can do everything with a small group of professionals. Seven event specialists put together the event the day before and tear everything down right after the event. This translates to fewer flights and fewer people moving from one event to another. For the duration of the event, we always employ workers and volunteers locally. During a season we employ some 2000 event support professionals as well as our own group of 20 event specialists. We also employ the services of local entrepreneurs at our events, ranging from food trucks to portable toiler suppliers. It’s important for us to support and work together with the local communities at our events.

Participants and charity

You the participants are the reason we do this. Seeing the smiles, hearing the laughs and seeing all the colourful faces is what keeps us going through the cold winter. During the years, You, amazing participants have also donated more than £300.000 to various charities. We could not be more proud of each and all of you! At the event, we ask everyone to be respectful and look after their fellow participants. Should you ever see anything disrespectful, please do let our employees know and we will deal with the matter immediately. We have zero tolerance for any disruptive behaviour at the event. Color Obstacle Rush is a place for fun for everyone!

Accessibility and safety

Accessibility and safety of our participants and workers are always of utmost importance to us. Obstacles are designed by us and the safety of our participants is the number one factor when creating obstacles. As a workplace, we aim to be an open and welcoming, discrimination-free enrichment where everyone is accepted for who they are.


How to change participant for tickets?

That's easier than ever. You can give/sell your ticket to someone else without the hassle of changing names on the tickets: Just give the QR code for the new participant and they are good to go. Remember that we send event-related information for the original purchaser's email, so make sure to share the participant info letter with everyone in your group.

What time does it start?

We have divided the day into several 30-minute groups so that all participants won't be running at the same time and that the track doesn't get crowded, leaving space for everyone to advance at their own pace 😊 You can choose yours during your sign up and this is the time when you will be starting your course.

I want to make changes to my ticket

Sometimes life happens and changes need to be made! You can change your start time by purchasing the "Any start time" superpower on your ticket. After making the purchase show your original ticket and order confirmation to our check-in staff.


Purchase Any Start Time


If you want to change to another event: Please contact our customer service so you will receive more information. Transfers between events cost £10/per ticket. The transfer is free with a doctor's document.


Although it can be a bit challenging to go through the 5k route for example in a wheelchair, seeing that the terrain at the event venues is a bit uneven, mostly sand and grass, we won't be refused entry from anyone who has their ticket to the event! Even though the obstacles are not all accessible, you can come to enjoy the event and the festive atmosphere. If you need assistance, you're free to take one aide with you to the event, free of charge 😊
Kindly contact our customer service if you need a ticket for your assistant. The festival area always has an accessible toilet as well.

Participant names and email are no longer needed.

We used to ask for the Names and emails of each participant. But based on your feedback, we’ve decided to leave that out and simplify the purchase process. With this change, it’s also easier when someone cannot make it to the event. You can give/sell your ticket to someone else without the hassle of changing names on the tickets.

Group discount

You can join the Color Obstacle Rush as an individual or in a group. We offer a 10% Group Discount when 4 or more tickets are bought at once.

Entering the event in a group doesn’t mean you have to stick together at all times. You are free to choose the pace you tumble the course. You can also choose different start times within the group.

Color Obstacle Rush Picture Gallery

In, you can see a large picture gallery from our events all around Europe.

Who can participate in Color Obstacle Rush?

If you are 12 or over you are welcome to attend the event! Please note that participants between 12 and 15 years need to be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or a responsible adult of 18-or-over at the event at all times. One guardian can take responsibility for a maximum of 5 minors. Please note that the parent/guardian must also be a registered participant in the event at the same start group.

Minors (12–15 years old) are able to take part in the event also with another adult (over 18) than the legal parent or guardian by providing us written permission signed by their legal guardian. Please note that the legal guardian has to sign the waiver of the minor; the temporary guardian is not allowed to sign it! Without the signed minor waiver the participant won’t be allowed to participate in the event. You can print the waivers here

Participants between 16 and 17 years can participate in the event without a supervisor but please notice that a parent or a legal guardian has to sign the waiver form and the terms and conditions on behalf of the minor. A responsible adult is not allowed to sign the waiver and terms and conditions on behalf of a minor. Participants between 16 and 17 years will not be allowed to participate without a signed waiver by a parent or a legal guardian.

Some of the obstacles have a weight limit of 100 kg per person, but participants can always skip these obstacles! 🙂

Age limit

The Color Obstacle Rush is an event for anyone aged 12 and above. However, the inflatable obstacles are designed for adults so they might be challenging for children. Participants between 12 and 15 years need to be accompanied by an adult (someone 18 or older) at the event at all times. One guardian can look after a maximum of 5 minors during the event. Please note that the guardian must be a registered participant at the event in the same start group as the minor. Participants between 16 and 17 years can participate in the event without a supervisor; however, please notice that the parent/legal guardian has to sign the waiver form and the terms and conditions on behalf of the minor.​​

What if it rains?

Then we’ll be dancing in the rain! The rain may make the race a little bit slower in general so you might need to wait a little bit longer to get to the obstacles.

As long as there are not strong winds, the event will take place – stay tuned with updates by following the event’s Facebook page. Please note that if the wind is too strong we might have to take down some of the inflatable obstacles for safety reasons.

I am unable to attend the event, can I get my money back?

The entry fee to Color Obstacle Rush is non-refundable. However, you can either transfer your place to another person or transfer your participation to some other Color Obstacle Rush event organized in the same year.

Purchasing with Store Credit does not qualify for the Money-back guarantee. In this case, the refund will be refunded as Store Credit.

Can I participate if I am pregnant or I have some health issues?

If you are pregnant or have any issues with your health we recommend you to consult your doctor before entering the Color Obstacle Rush. Although our mission is to make the race as safe as possible to every participant, there is always the possibility of unforeseeable incidents (such as falling or bumping into another person).

How long is the course?

The course is  approximately 5k (3.1 miles) long. However, please note that the final distance may vary depending on the venue and terrain.

What kind of obstacles will I be running, bouncing and crawling through?

There will be a large variety of inflatable obstacles, foam, music, slides and other fun surprises. Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to the number and range of the obstacles: depending on the venue, terrain, weather and other circumstances we might not be able to use all of our obstacles at every Color Obstacle Rush event.

What is the coloured powder made of?

Ground-up rainbows and 80’s neon trousers! Just kidding. The powder is actually dyed corn starch. Our product has been tested in the UK by SGS that states that all our ingredients are permitted according to The EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223 / 2009. Also, we use only fire retardant color powder in all of the Color Obstacle Rush events!

All our colour powders come from

What do I get when I sign up?

Not only are you joining the most fun-filled running experience of your life, but you will also receive an official Color Obstacle Rush T-shirt, a personal color packet.

Swag Bag Content and other merchandises

Due to covid-19, some of our suppliers have reported delays with merchandise deliveries. Because of that, the contents of the Swag Bag may vary. The Swag Bag value will always remain the same, and the content as glorious as ever. For the same reason, some merchandise may differ from the image on the website.

Participant pack pick-up

You can pick up your participant pack and any extra gear you may have ordered on the day of the event. Please show up approximately 45 minutes to an hour before your start time to ensure you have enough time for the pickup,  bag drop and Warm-Up.

​Please note that we don’t hand out colour packets before the run: participants will get their colour packets at the finish line.

What do I need to take with me on the event day?

Please bring a valid ID, your ticket and the accepted Terms & Conditions, they are needed at the check-in.
If you have merchandise in your booking, kindly also present your booking confirmation to receive your items.
Most people have their phones with them during the event but that’s up to you.

What should I wear for the Color Obstacle Rush?

Comfortable clothing is a good start, as are comfortable running shoes. All Rushers are encouraged to wear light coloured clothing as the colour powder shows best on light colours. As part of signing up, we will provide you with a free Color Obstacle Rush T-Shirt, which most of our Rushers wear for the event. Do not wear anything with sharp edges that might cause injury to other participants or damage the inflatable obstacles along the course. Please note the course includes obstacles where you slide and crawl, so wearing long pants is a good idea.

Although all of the ingredients in the coloured powder we use are FDA approved, they might still cause an allergic reaction to those who have asthma, allergies, or are sensitive to dust. Therefore appropriate protective gear, such as goggles, sunglasses, bandanas, and face masks should be worn to protect the eyes and face from exposure to the coloured powder during the event. We do not recommend using contact lenses!

If you have blond hair, We highly recommend protecting your hair with a bandana or similar head cover during the event. You can apply conditioner or olive oil to your hair before the event. That will help clean up afterwards!

Can I check-in my bag at the event?

You will be able to leave clothing in our controlled cloakroom. The cloakroom costs £2 per participant and you will also be charged £1 for each visit (apart from when you pick up your belongings to leave of course). Please ensure that you have the correct change with you.

Each participant will be able to leave one bag in the cloakroom. As cloakroom space is limited, we will not accept any bags that are bigger than a regular size rucksack or can’t be hung or weigh more than 5 kg. Permitted items are a jacket or a regular size rucksack (large items such as duffel bags are not allowed).

We also strongly recommend that you leave any valuable items at home. The Color Obstacle Rush will accept no liability for any items that are lost or damaged whilst in the cloakroom.

Can I take my phone with me?

You can carry your cell phone during the run in an armband or in an oh-so-fashionable bum bag. However, the race includes some foam and water features (fun, right?!) so we can’t guarantee that the phone will stay dry unless you go around the ‘wet’ obstacles. You can also put your phone in a clear zipped bag, but please note that it would be difficult to perform some of the obstacles with a cell phone in your hand.

​Is the Color Obstacle Rush for a specific charity or can I do the run for my chosen charity?

The Color Obstacle Rush is not a charity event, but runners are welcome to use their participation to raise money for their chosen charity.
More info: CHARITY

Can I take my action camera and my selfie stick with me?

You can take your action camera (like GoPro) with you, but please note that selfie sticks are not allowed for safety reasons! If you would like to use for example a chest harness for your action camera, please make sure that the harness is safe and the clips will open if the harness gets caught on an obstacle.

Will there be photographers?

We love photos! There will be one or more professional photographers stationed along the course to capture the Rush. The photos will be posted on the Color Obstacle Rush Facebook page and here after each event. We will also use the photos in our advertisements in the future.

Unfortunately, they are not able to capture everyone, and so if you want to take your own photos you can put your mobile phone or camera in a clear zipped bag and take plenty of your own photos along the way. It can be difficult to navigate some of the inflatable obstacles with a cell phone or camera in your hand, so if you are bringing your own device along be sure to have a secure place to store it. Please note that there will be colour powder, foam and water splashes during the course.

Am I allowed to consume alcohol at the event?

Color Obstacle Rush is an alcohol free event – we promise that you will have a lot of fun without drinking! 😉

Is there a parking available?

If you arrive by car, most of our venues offer paid parking (up to £5). The parking fees are paid in cash only. To avoid queues, kindly make sure that you bring exact change with you. We will provide more information about arriving to the venue in our information letter which we send out 2 weeks prior to the Event.

If you come to the event by car, we strongly recommend carpooling, because there will be a lot of participants arriving at the venue.

Can my friends or family come and watch the race?

Spectators can gain entry to the Color Obstacle Rush free of charge. Many of the venues don’t lend themselves well to spectator viewing so we, unfortunately, can’t recommend bringing a whole lot of entourage with you. The size and location of the public space depends on the event venue. Please note that spectators do not have access to the start and finish festival area and/or are not permitted to access every part of the course for safety reasons.

We will e-mail you with more details about practicalities approximately 2 weeks before the event.

How do I clean up after I’ve finished the course?

Unfortunately, we are not able to get cleaning stations at the event venues. In fine weather, it is quite easy to shake the colour off your clothes. In damp weather we recommend you to bring a change of clothes or some towels or large plastic bags with you to prevent your car or public transport from getting coloured.

After you have finished the event just blow all the excess colour off dry before entering the shower. After your first shower, some of the colour still might show a little but don’t ya worry: after a couple of washes you should be as clean as brand new!

It’s best to wash all your clothes first separately in cold water.🙂

Can I work as a volunteer at Color Obstacle Rush?

Yes, it is possible to work as a volunteer.

Volunteering takes place on a Friday, just the day before the event date, and you get a free ticket to the same event.

Volunteer assignments can vary. The day before the event, we need help with all the preparatory tasks, such as opening packages, ordering goods, erecting fences and taking care of the general cleanliness of the area, packing swag bags, etc.

Please note that we have a limited number of places for volunteers. The registration forms for our volunteers 2022 are open, you can sign up as a volunteer HERE.

My question has not been answered in this FAQ, what can I do?

Most of the answers to the questions can be found from the chatbot on the site. If you still cannot find your answer. Please send the message to the chatbot by typing "send message" in the chat.