All events have unfortunately been cancelled. Further information will be sent to customers in the following days.

Dive into the thrill of our 2024 obstacle lineup, featuring the best of our inflatable creations designed for sliding, bouncing, tumbling, and delightful tangles. Discover the excitement of our inflatables, immerse yourself in foam galore, and delight in brand-new surprises that await.

Designated a ‘running event’ – although, most people go through the course without running a single step. Crafted to prioritize fun over daunting challenges, this experience is tailored to suit practically everyone, unless, of course, laughter isn’t your thing!

The excitement isn’t limited to the course! Our crazy-fun Warm-Ups are guaranteed to put a smile on your face – beware, there’s a chance of colour showers during each warm-up! – And the post-run Colour Festival is out of this world!

Everyone loves music and we’ve strategically placed music zones throughout the course, ensuring your jamming sessions continue in between conquering obstacles and being covered in colour!

Since 2013, we’ve celebrated over 10 million obstacles cleared in more than 200 events across 13 countries, with over half a million enthusiastic runners. Together, we’ve covered a staggering 2.5 million kilometres through running, walking, dancing, and crawling. Truly an event you shouldn’t miss. Join the fun!

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