You are currently viewing Color Obstacle Rush: Unleashing Your Inner Child

Color Obstacle Rush: Unleashing Your Inner Child

Remember the days when life was all about play and laughter when the simplest things brought immeasurable joy? Color Obstacle Rush takes us back to those carefree moments, where the concept of fun merges with the vibrancy of a rainbow.

Imagine navigating through an exhilarating obstacle course! You’ll dash through foam pits, slide down towering inflatable slides, and conquer towering walls.

Color Obstacle Rush is not just an ordinary event; it’s an experience that unleashes your inner child. It’s a chance to let go of inhibitions, to revel in the moment, and to embrace the sheer joy of being alive. The sight of vibrant colors and the sound of laughter reverberating through the air create an atmosphere that is nothing short of magical. At the end of the 5k course, you will have a chance to enjoy your time at a non-stop after-party!

Psst. There are a lot of kinda events (like color run). However, we have more to offer! Color Obstacle Rush is the only one with obstacles, colour zones, music, foam, non-stop after party and more!

We’ve come a long way since 2013. Our events all over Europe are still created with the same spirit and by the same crew that started it all.

10 million obstacles cleared
Over 300 Events in 13 Countries
More than a half million participants
2,5 million km of running, walking, dancing and crawling
A billion unique, shared experiences 😍✨💛

Join the fun and create memories that last a lifetime! Get your tickets now!