What should I wear for the Color Obstacle Rush?

Comfortable clothing is a good start, as are  comfortable running shoes. All Rushers are encouraged to wear light coloured clothing as the colour powder shows best on light colours. As part of signing up, we will provide you with a free Color Obstacle Rush T-Shirt, which most of our Rushers wear for the event. Do not wear anything with sharp edges that might cause injury to other participants or damage the inflatable obstacles along the course. Please note the course includes obstacles where you slide and crawl, so wearing long pants is a good idea.

Although all of the ingredients in the coloured powder we use are FDA approved, they might still cause an allergic reaction to those who have asthma, allergies or are sensitive to dust. Therefore appropriate protective gear, such as goggles, sunglasses, bandanas and face masks should be worn to protect the eyes and face from exposure to the coloured powder during the event. We do not recommend using contact lenses!

If you have blond hair you can apply conditioner or olive oil to your hair before the event. That will help cleaning up afterwards! You can also cover your hair with a bandana or beanie or space helmet during the event if you wish.