Can my friends join my team afterwards and get the 10 % discount?

If you have friends who’d like to join your team after you’ve made the initial entry, they are still allowed to do so. By logging into your account that you created to initially sign up to the event (with your email), you can buy more tickets in your order. If the initial booking already has three or more participants signed up, the additional 10% discount applies to the new ticket once the same billing details and email are added at the checkout as during your team’s initial registration.

Kindly note that even if you sign up more people to your team, we can’t guarantee that there will be spots left in that start group. However, if you want to get all your peeps together after they have ended up all over the start group jungle, you can always move your whole crew in any start group that still has availability. In your Rusher profile you can change your start time to any other slot that still has availability by choosing a new start group from the drop down menu. Remember to save changes and download a new ticket before the event!