Thank you for signing up for the Color Obstacle Rush Wolverhampton 27.7.2019!
Here are some important points for you to note about your participation in the Color Obstacle Rush.
Please read this document very carefully.

Kindly note that the online registration closes on Thursday July 25th 2019 at midnight.
Any changes in the participant info must be done before that.

When you signed up to the event, you should have received a confirmation e-mail from us, with a link to your ticket. To make sure that everybody has their tickets, we will be re-sending an extra copy to your e-mails during the next 48 hours, so if you can’t locate your ticket, don’t worry! If you already have your ticket printed and ready, that is great, and you can just ignore the new confirmation e-mail!
Any changes in the participant info must be done before that.
All adult participants: Please remember that you will have to bring the signed terms and conditions (T&Cs) with you to the event in order to participate in the Color Obstacle Rush!
All participants aged under 18 on the date of the event: Please remember that you will have to bring T&Cs and the Child Participation Waiver signed by your parent or a legal guardian with you to the event in order to participate in the Color Obstacle Rush! 

Link to the T&Cs and the Child Participation Waiver page:

Please bring also cash for the bag drop (£1), Parking (£5)  or to purchase additional race merchandise, such as sunglasses.

The Venue

Gorsebrook Rd
​Wolverhampton WV6 0PE

Saturday, July 27th 2019
You don’t have to be at the venue at 10:00 when the package pickup opens: package pick up will be available till 12:45. We at the Color Obstacle Rush want to pay extra attention to safety at our event. Therefore, there might be some extra searches of vehicles, bags and people (body search). Due to these measures, please arrive at the event venue about 60 minutes before your start time. This way you ensure that you will have enough time for parking, pickup, bag drop and Warm-Ups as well.

10:00               Package pickup opens
10:00               Festival area opens
10:40               Warm up
11:00               Start slot 1 (waves 11:00-11:30)
11:15-11:29    Warm up
11:30               Start slot 2 (waves 11:30-12:00)
11:45-11:59    Warm up
12:00               Start slot 3 (waves 12:00-12:30)
12:15-12:29    Warm up
12:30               Start slot 4 (waves 12:30-13:00)
12:45-12:59    Warm up
13:00              Start slot 5 (waves 13:00-13:30)

It takes approximately 45–90 minutes to do the course, and after the run there will be the Color Festivals at the finish line. After the run you can party as long as you like!


1. Participant Pack pick up

Participant Pack pick up will be available in the festival area from 10:00 to 12:45 on Saturday. It’s good to arrive approximately an hour before your start time to ensure you have enough time for the pick up, bag drop and Warm-Ups.

Please ensure that you remember to bring with you a valid photographic ID, AND a valid ticket, AND signed T&Cs AND, if needed, the Child Participation Waiver signed by the parent/legal guardian of an under-18-year-old participant.

In order to allow you to participate in the event, we need to check that your ID matches the name on your ticket and signed T&Cs and, if needed, the signed Child Participant Waiver. We have sent your ticket to you immediately after your signup.

IF you want to collect a swag bag for your adult friends (or an adult family member), you must bring their tickets AND copy/a picture of their ID AND a printed copy of the T&Cs that has been signed by them.

IF you want to collect the swag bag for your friends (or a family member) aged under 18 on the day of the event, you must bring their tickets AND copy/a picture of their ID AND a printed copy of the T&Cs signed by the participant’s parent or a legal guardian AND a printed copy of the Child Participation Waiver signed by the participant’s parent or a legal guardian. Thank you.

Please note that you don’t have to print your ticket, you can also show it from your phone. Terms and conditions have to be printed and signed.

It is okay if participants aged under 16 years on the date of the event don’t have a valid ID, as long as their parent, legal guardian or a responsible adult who accompanies the participant has one.

Link to the T&Cs and the Child Participation Waiver page:

On the page you can find T&Cs for adults and T&Cs and the Child Participation Waiver for participants aged under 18 years on the date of the event. Please print and sign the needed documents and bring them with you to the event.

If you have any problems with your ticket, registrations, participant changes etc., please contact us before Thursday 18th July  through our website here:

Please note that we may not be able to answer any questions during the event weekend.

Please do allow for up to 30–45 minutes waiting time for the package pick up. If you want to arrive early and take part in an extra warm-up session, or two, then feel free to do so!

The Participant Pack includes a t-shirt and wristband plus any extra stuff you have pre-ordered.

The wristband is your entry ticket to the event. You need to have it on your wrist at all times, otherwise you will be refused admission to the event. All minors will get a wristband of a specific colour. With the ‘minor wristband’ the participant won’t be able to enter the festival area or the obstacle course without a guardian.

You’ll receive your personal colour packet and a medal as soon as you cross the finish line and enter the festival area.

2. What to wear?

Clothing is a great start! You must wear either sunglasses or goggles and shoes in order to take part in the event. We don’t recommend using contact lenses at the event. All Rushers are also encouraged to wear light coloured clothing as the colour powder shows best on light colors. We do include a free Color Obstacle Rush T-Shirt in the participant package, which most of our Rushers wear for the event. You will not be permitted to compete in the event if you are wearing any clothing or other items with sharp edges which might cause injury to other participants or damage the inflatable obstacles that are located along the course.

Please note that the course includes obstacles where you slide and crawl, so wearing long pants is a good idea.

3. Directions

Gorsebrook Rd
​Wolverhampton WV6 0PE

We recommend you to bring a change of clothes, some towels or large plastic bag with you to prevent your car or public transport from getting coloured.

There is a £5 parking fee (per car) which will be charged upon arriving at the parking lot. Cash only please. To avoid queues, kindly make sure that you bring exact change with you.​

There are frequent train services to and from major towns and cities at Wolverhampton Railway Station, located less than 2 miles from the racecourse. There are also regular direct trains and metro service to/from Birmingham City Centre.

See the bus schedule here: 
Buses regularly operate in and out of the Wolverhampton Bus station down in close proximity to the racecourse with a short 10 minute walk from the bus stop down to the course.

Conveniently located in The City of Wolverhampton, off the A449 (Stafford Road) dual carriageway. Follow the brown tourist signs to Wolverhampton Racecourse (identified by the horse and jockey image).
From north: Exit Junction 11 of the M6 and join the A460 towards Wolverhampton. Join the M54 at J1 Westbound. Exit at J2 and follow the A449 towards Wolverhampton.
From south: Exit junction 10a of the M6 joining M54 to junction 2. Follow A449 towards Wolverhampton.

4. Cloakroom / where to keep your stuff

You will be able to leave clothing in our controlled cloakroom. The cloakroom will cost £1 per participant and you will also be charged £1 for each visit (apart from when you pick up your belongings to leave of course). Please ensure that you have the correct change with you. Cash only.

Each participant will be able to leave one bag at the cloakroom. As cloakroom space is limited, we will not accept any bags that are bigger than a regular size rucksack, can’t be hung or weigh more than 5 kg. Permitted items are a jacket or a regular size rucksack (large items such as duffel bags are not allowed).

We also strongly recommend you to leave any valuable items at home. Color Obstacle Rush will accept no liability for any items that are lost and/or damaged whilst in the cloakroom.

We recommend that you use an appropriate armband with your mobile phone if you want to have it on the course with you. You may also want to put your mobile phone to a clear zipped bag in order to help to protect it from the colour, water splashes and foam that forms part of the event. You will not be allowed to carry any bags or rucksacks when participating in the event.

5. Start waves

The event is separated into start slots of approximately 500 Rushers per slot. It will take 20 to 30 minutes for the whole start slot to go through the gate so please be patient (the start is done this way to avoid queues on the course). Please follow the instructions by the announcer and the starter as they guide you to the start gate.

Remember that the event is not a competition and the most important thing is to have fun, and so if you prefer not to run then jogging or walking around the course are perfectly acceptable! Please be considerate to the faster runners and leave room for them to pass and vice versa. Peace, love, understanding and sweet harmony to every rusher regardless of their running pace!

6. Obstacles and colour

There will be approximately 20 different obstacles along the route which is around 5 kilometres (approx. 3 miles) long. Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to the number and range of the obstacles: depending on the venue, terrain, weather and other circumstances we might not be able to use all of our obstacles at every Color Obstacle Rush event. The obstacles are quite easy and fun but you will need to be careful and also pay attention to other runners. If you feel that an obstacle looks too challenging you can also pass around it if you prefer.

Please don’t stop at any of the obstacles to wait for your friends, take photos (or for a nap). This will interfere with the flow of the course and cause congestion and queues at the obstacles. Photos are allowed in between the obstacles and of course in the festival area!

Some inflatable obstacles may get hot in the sun. It’s not a bad idea to wear leggings etc to make the experience more comfortable!

There are 8 colouring points on the route. The colour is 100 % natural corn starch that’s been dyed with food/cosmetic colours. The powder is specifically manufactured for these kind of events. We use only fire retardant colour powder in all of the Color Obstacle Rush events. However, it may cause allergic reactions to those whom are allergic to dust and may cause also asthma attacks. If you are highly allergic or sensitive to dust or have asthma, then you should wear a dust mask at the colouring zones and finish festival. You should wear your sunglasses at each colour point.

7. Can I participate if I am pregnant or I have some health issues?

If you are pregnant or have any issues with your health we recommend you to consult your doctor before entering the Color Obstacle Rush. Although our mission is to make the race as safe as possible to every participant, there is always the possibility of unforeseeable incidents (such as falling or bumping into another person).

8. Finish and Colour Festivals

You will get your colour packet at the finish line.
Then it is time for Colour Festivals! Follow the directions from our DJ, be safe and have fun! You are welcome to stay for more than one Colour Festival. Having your own colour packet is not necessary but if you want you can buy more at our info/store.

9. What if it rains?

Then we’ll be having fun in the rain! As long as there is no extreme storm in sight the event will take place – stay tuned with updates by following the event’s Facebook page:
The rain may make the race a little bit slower in general so you might need to wait a little bit longer to get to the obstacles. Please notice that in case of heavy wind we have to reserve the right to remove certain obstacles for security reasons.

10. Audience

Spectators can gain entry to the Color Obstacle Rush free of charge. Since the car parking space is limited we unfortunately can’t recommend bringing whole lot of entourage with you. Please note that spectators do not have access to our festival area and/or are not permitted to access every part of the course.

Little children must be accompanied by a guardian at all times. Children are not allowed to play on the course because of safety reasons!

11. Food, drink, merchandise

There will be one water station located in the festival area. You can bring your own drinks too (but no glass bottles please) but it will be quite hard to tackle some of the obstacles with a water bottle in your hand!
Sunglasses, bandanas, sweatbands, extra colour bags, face paint, tattoos  silicon bracelets, gymsacks and women’s sport tops will be on sale at the festival area. Only cash will be accepted.

12. Alcohol and smoking

Alcohol is not permitted at the event. Smoking is also forbidden.

13. Photography

We love photos too! That is why professional photographers will be stationed along the course to capture the Rush.

The photos will be posted on the Color Obstacle Rush Facebook page few days after each event. We will also use the photos in our advertisements in the future.

Unfortunately, they are not able to capture everyone, and so if you want to take your own photos you can put your mobile phone or camera in a clear zipped bag and take plenty of your own photos along the way. It can be difficult to navigate some of the inflatable obstacles with a cell phone or camera in your hand, so if you are bringing your own device along be sure to have a secure place to store it. Please note that there will be color powder, foam and water splashes during the course.

You can take your action camera (like GoPro) with you, but please notice that selfie sticks are not allowed for safety reasons! If you would like to use for example a chest harness for your action camera, please make sure that the harness is safe and the clips will open if the harness gets caught on an obstacle.

As part of the waiver you will be required to give your specific and irrevocable consent to your participation in the event being filmed or recorded and used by Color Obstacle Rush and its commercial partners for the purpose of advertising, publicity and otherwise in relation to the exploitation and promotion of the event and any connected commercial rights. You will have to sign the waiver in order to participate in the event.

If you share your beautiful pictures on social media, please use the hashtag#colorobstaclerush and #rushfactory so and we can find them, too! 🙂 And to get some extra color in your life, please follow us on:

Facebook: Color Obstacle Rush UK
Instagram: @colorobstaclerush
Twitter: @obstaclerush
Snapchat: obstaclerush

14. Terms and conditions (T&Cs) and the Child Participation Waiver

Every adult participant will need to print and sign T&Cs and return T&Cs to the event check-in and also show their ID and ticket in order to be allowed to participate in the event.
Every participant aged under 18 on the date of the event will need to bring the T&Cs and the Child Participation Waiver signed by their parent or a legal guardian and also their ticket and ID in order to be allowed to participate in the event. Thank you!

T&Cs and the Child Participation Waiver can be found and downloaded here:

By signing the T&Cs and Child Participation Waiver on behalf of any participant aged under 18 on the date of the event you will agree for example, but not limited to, the following:

(i) You agree to abide by the terms and conditions and any instructions given by race officials at the Event;

(ii) You must bring photographic ID (passport or driving license) to the Event in order to identify yourself.
(iii) You must bring a signed copy of these terms and conditions to the Event.
(iv) If you are a Child Participant, you also must ensure that your legal guardian (“Legal Guardian”) prints and signs the ‘Child Participant Waiver’ prior to the Event and bring such waiver to the Event. The Child Participation Waiver can be found on our website at
(v) If you are aged under 16, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult for the entire duration of the course (at the same start time).

If you do not comply with the above, you acknowledge that you shall not be allowed to participate in the Event.

(vi) You acknowledge that you are/the Child Participant is participating in the Event at your own risk and you and the Child Participant hereby release and forever discharge Funrun Events UK Ltd (“FEUK”), its owners, subsidiaries, affiliates, administrators, medical advisors, promotion agencies, sponsors and venue owners together with each of their respective members, directors, agents, officers, consultants, contractors and representatives (together, the “Released Parties”) from any claims and liabilities whatsoever, to the fullest extent permitted by law, as a result of your presence at or participation in the Event, other than any death or personal injury caused by FEUK’s negligence;

(vii) FEUK shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, loss of profit, anticipated savings or wasted expenditure whatsoever arising out of your/the Child Participant’s presence at or participation in the Event;
(viii) You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties from any losses, damages, costs, expenses and demands arising out of any claim or litigation brought against them by:
(a) you or on behalf of you/the Child Participant and/or your estate; or
(b) any third parties as a result of your/the Child Participant’s actions during the Event.

Any adult entering and/or attempting to enter the race course and/or participate in the event without signing and returning T&Cs to the event check in will be deemed not to have properly completed the registration progress and will be considered to be a trespasser.
Any participant aged under 18 on the date of the event entering and/or attempting to enter the race course and/or participate in the event without returning T&Cs and the Child Participation Waiver signed by his/her parents or a legal guardian to the event check in, will be deemed not to have properly completed the registration progress and will be considered to be a trespasser.

COLOR OBSTACLE RUSH participants must be aware that they are participating in the event voluntarily and at their own risk. They will be bumped, bruised, have things thrown at them and generally be subject to extreme physical exertion and potential harm. Have fun, be careful and enjoy the “run”!

You have read and agreed to the T&Cs when signing up online, but you can re-read and/or print the form here if you wish!

Any changes to your registration must be made online. Instructions can be found here:

15. How do I clean up after the run?

We do our best to ensure that all of the ingredients that are used in the coloured powder are of the highest quality but they might still cause an allergic reaction for some people who have asthma, allergies or are sensitive to dust.

We, therefore, require that participants wear appropriate protective gear such as goggles or sunglasses and strongly recommend that bandanas and face masks should be worn to protect the eyes and face from exposure to the coloured powder during the event.

If you want to protect your hair, applying conditioner or olive oil to your hair before the event will help in cleaning up process afterwards! You can, of course, also cover up your hair during the event with a bandana, beanie or space helmet if you wish.

After you have finished the event, please try to shake or blow as much of the excess coloured powder as possible off you before entering the shower.

After one shower some of the colour still might show a little but don’t worry: after couple of washes you should be as clean as brand new! It’s best to wash all your clothes separately in cold water.

Please note, there are NO showers at the venue. In fine weather it is quite easy to shake the colour off the clothes, but in damp weather we recommend you to bring change of clothes or some towels or large plastic bag with you to prevent your car or public transport from getting coloured. It’s possible that buses and trains won’t allow onboard passengers who don’t have clean clothes or something to cover the seats.

16. What if I can’t join the event?

Sorry to hear that! If you can’t attend the event due to illness, you can transfer your participation to another Color Obstacle Rush event (organised within 12 months) free of charge by sending us a medical certificate.
If you don’t have a medical certificate you are still able to transfer your participation to other Color Obstacle Rush event (organised within 12 months), but there will be a £10 transfer fee per person.

Please note that the transfer form is only for changing the event location: you can change the name of the participant free of charge. You can do it in your own Rusher profile. Link to your own Rusher profile has been sent via email upon your registration. To transfer your registration to another person in Rusher profile, just change the details of the participant in the profile. Remember to save changes and download a ticket for the new participant!

If you have any problems with the transfers, please send us a message through the ‘Contact us’ tab on our website:

The entry fee is non-refundable.

All event and participant transfers must be made latest on the last possible online-entry day (Thursday 25th July).

17. Check list – what to bring

For the check in:

1. A printout/picture of your ticket. If you are picking up for your friends, make sure to bring also their tickets! If you have trouble finding the ticket, you can contact our customer service:
Please make sure to tell us your name(s) and which event you are taking part in! Please note that the ticket does not have to be printed out, you can also show it from your phone.

2. Printed and signed terms and conditions and a Child Participant Waiver if you are aged under 18 on the date of the event (if you are picking up for your friends, make sure to bring theirs, too!)

Link to tour T&Cs and the Child Participation Waiver page:

3. A valid ID. If you are picking up for your friends make sure to bring a copy (or a cell phone photo) of their ID also.

4. Cash for the cloakroom if you need to use it.
For the Rush:

5. Sunglasses or goggles. Please note that wearing sunglasses during the course is mandatory in order to participate. Sunglasses can be bought also at the event (cash only).

6. Appropriate running / walking gear

For the journey home:

7. Covers for your car seats or maybe some clean clothes

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Yours sincerely,
The Color Obstacle Rush Crew​