It is safe to participate in Color Obstacle Rush and every event is protected against Coronavirus.

• Safety is always our Top priority.
• Free of charge ticket transfer from cancelled or postponed event to another upcoming event

We are looking forward to finally seeing you at the event after this long break to shared joy. We follow and apply with care the latest Government guidance so please read the following guidelines carefully and share them with your team members.

We trust that you take extra precautions days before the event and undergo a self-assessment for any sudden changes. You shouldn’t attend the event if you or someone in your household has had any Covid symptoms in the past 14 days before the event:

  • A high temperature (over 38,0C)
  • A new, continuous cough
  • A loss of, or change to, sense of smell or taste

Before the event:

As a condition for entry, a personal face mask and a hand sanitiser are required to be with you to ensure the safety of your fellow participants. 

A detailed information letter is emailed to you approximately 10 days before the event, including information on new start wave timings as longer spaces between the waves, are applied to allow a safe passage. This might affect your start time and move it with a maximum of 1-2 hours. We ask you to arrive at the given time to respect a safe entry to the event for everyone.

Two days before the event, you receive from us a checklist and a Covid-19 self-assessment form which must be fulfilled and signed online by each participant 48h hours before the event, for NHS track and trace purposes.

Covid-19 measures to be followed:

Order tickets online: Tickets won’t be sold on the event day or location.

Face mask: Face masks are mandatory at the event areas and obstacles and optional on the track.

Hand hygiene: Hand sanitisers are available in multiple locations throughout the event. Disinfect your hands regularly.

Social distancing: Maintain social distancing at all times to other participants. We have made it easy for you, just follow the signage or any instructions from the event staff.

No spectators: No spectators or guardians will be allowed at the event village.

No bag drop: No bag drop available during step 3. Pro tip: bumbag!

Merchandise: contactless payment available at the store.

Arriving at the event + check-in

– Temperature checks are made to each participant. With a body temperature of 38 °, C or more will not be admitted to the event site.

– Participants are divided into smaller groups before entering the track, following the restrictions by government requirements at that time.

– When collecting your items at the check-in, the counters are provided with a Plexiglas protective pane 

Festival area + warm-up:

⁃ One time entry to the event area. You won’t get access to the warm-up area again. Keep your personal belonging with you.

⁃ the warm-up is organised in separated fewer participants’ pens (as per government requirements) in designated areas.

⁃ foot pump water station available 


⁃ After the warm-up, each start pen will be allowed staggered to the course.

⁃ Foot pump water station available on the course.

⁃ Event staff will ensure the obstacles won’t get crowded, but…

⁃ keep a safe distance from others – and enjoy the race!

The finish line and colour festival:

– Collect your medal and colour pack.

⁃ Colour festivals are held for smaller groups at the end of the course in a specific area.

⁃ Participants are asked to move forward after the colour festival. To avoid crowds, please do not linger to wait for your fellows still completing the track in this area.